• October 12, 2022 6:30 am
  • Dehradun

Gachhu Pani is situated in a vast limestone area in the Dehra plateau in Dehradun. You can see similar caves in Sahastradhara of Dehradun. Gucchu pani (robber’s Cave) is a narrow gorge also known as Nero Gauge Cave, the area is an example of chosen stone construction. The late 1800s Robber’s Cave is used by robbers to hide from the British. Due to the natural and local condition of this cave, it was easiest for the robbers to hide here. Labyrinth caves were suitable for robbers to hide here, which is why it came to be known as robber’s Cave. It is believed by the locals that the place was used by the robbers for hiding their lootings.

It is a beautiful riverside picnic spot, where the water flows from inside the caves. At the end of the cave there is waterfall as well. The water levels are not much deep at the entrance of the cave. Inside the cave, the water levels go as deep as five feet.
The entrance to the picnic spot is paid. Alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed here. Since the stones are sharp in the water, slippers are available on rent here. Tourists can climb on the caves to add to the adventure. There is paid locker facility as well around the caves.


Vijaypur, Anarwala, Dehradun,248003,Dehradun

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